The Imprint of Triathlons

Triathlons taught me that you need to persevere and discipline yourself if you want to attain something. When I started, my goal was to get every triathlete’s dream – the IRONMAN title.

IRONMAN is a race where you have to swim 4 kilometers, bike 180 kilometers, and run 42 kilometers within 17 hours. I trained for 1 year for that event. Even if I had been doing triathlons for over 7 years, I still had to know my priorities to overcome the challenges of my training and the competition itself.

Triathlons also taught me to value relationships. Not only do triathlons help create new relationships when you travel to compete, it also strengthens your relationship with the people around you who support you. Be thankful for them for they will always be there to guide you in reaching for your goals.

The last lesson that it taught me is: “Anything is possible.” This is aptly the slogan of IRONMAN. We won’t know what we’re capable of unless we push our limits. After all, triathletes aren’t born – they’re made.


Joey Misolas, 22, is an Operations Officer at BusinessWorks Inc.

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