The Imprint of Being a Flight Attendant

We talked with a flight attendant to know how being up in the air can keep your feet on the ground.

Name: Neo Rivera
Age: 23
Flight Attendant for: AirAsia Berhad Malaysia

On an amusing story while in flight:

“During a flight to China, there was this one uncle who stood up in the middle of the cabin. He took out his PJ’s from a bag in the overhead compartment… then pulled down his pants! He started changing into sleeping clothes in the middle of the cabin – with the lights on and for everyone to see.”

On meeting Tony Fernandes:

“Tony has the humility that you’ll feel once he enters the room. He doesn’t care if you are new or have been with the company for years. He’ll treat you like his friend. He likes to share his experiences and words of encouragement. You’ll definitely be starstruck.”

On something Tony said that left a mark:

“I remember him talking about how AirAsia opens doors to everyone. A ramp agent can be a pilot. A ground staff can be a senior cabin crew member. A former road manager for Sony BMG can be the owner, founder, and CEO of the World’s Best Low Cost Airline. He’s passionate about breaking boundaries.”

On the biggest thing learned as a flight attendant:

“Probably being patient and having a broad view in life. Going to places makes me feel small and vulnerable, which is good. It keeps my feet on the ground. In this line of work, we get to meet a lot of people – different nationalities and cultures – basically everyone. You will learn more about yourself and grow as a person.”

On advice you can give to aspiring flight attendants:

“It’s not just about having a pretty smile and serving drinks and food. It takes hard work to have those wings. Be sure to have tons of patience if you want to be part of a cabin crew, because a whole lot of drama is coming your way. Then again, having that drive to go places and meet different cultures will help you become a better person.”

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