The Imprint of Another City

We asked around… “Aside from where you’re from, which city has left an imprint on you?” We list our favourite answers below:


“The one city that left an imprint on me was Kota Kinabalu in Borneo. Mt. Kinabalu was my first international climb. It was surreal being able to reach the highest Southeast Asian peak, located between the Himalayas and New Guinea.”

– An Lee, a test analyst from Taguig City, Philippines


“If there’s one city I would want to visit again, it would be Vigan City in Ilocos Sur. Being in Vigan feels like you’ve traveled back to the 16th century. Its well-preserved historical structures give it a romantic feel. Plus, the city’s popular Vigan Empanada is surely a must-try – I’m actually craving for one right now. Truly, Vigan for me is a beautiful city.”

– Mica de Leon, a blogger from Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines


“Seoul, South Korea – the land of Kimchi, K-pop, and the perfect place to go ‪#‎SeoulSearching‬.

Culture-wise, Seoul is a melting pot of influences from Japan, China, and America, which can be seen in their music, fashion, and food.

Like Filipinos, Koreans are very funny folks, making Seoul such a pleasant city. Even with just people-watching, you’re sure to have a few laughs with how easy-going and laidback they seem to be.

I must say, the city cures the OCD in me as it literally is almost spotless. Everything seems so organized, whether it be the bus junction or the ever-efficient train system. The city planning is just something to marvel on.

For someone like me who could use a break from the urban mess in the metropolis of Manila, Seoul hits the spot.”

– Tegz Guzon, a project manager from Quezon City, Philippines


“I choose Makati City, Philippines, because there’s so much life there. All the people surrounding me enable me to walk wherever and not feel tired. There are so many places to eat and so many good spots to hang out after work. I just love the energy there.”

– Regie Hizon, a graphic designer from Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines


“This photo was taken at Grand Central Terminal. I love New York and how each person has his or her own story – whether a native, an immigrant, or a tourist. I also like the city’s fast-paced lifestyle.”

– Alice Chou, a student from Laie, Hawaii, USA

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