An Alice

Words by Kevin Bautista, Art by Kamae Iniguez


She was an Alice in his Wonderland
So innocent, she couldn’t understand
Why all these rabbits, were running fast
So tried to catch one, so she could ask

An Alice_1_ver2

Then she was falling,
Then she was calling,
And all that could hear her, was a door

An Alice_2_ver2

Who wouldn’t let her in at first
Then all her tears they burst
And he wasn’t hesitant anymore

An Alice_3_ver2

She was an Alice in his Wonderland
Caught up with him
And his butterflies
What else could be more grand?

An Alice_4_ver2

He made her feel
Bigger than what she could feel

An Alice_5_ver2

They came to the part,
Where he danced and danced with the Queen of Hearts

An Alice_6_rev2

And then she was falling,
But no one was calling,
‘Cause this wasn’t just a dream

An Alice_7_ver2

Now, she’s stuck with the Cheshire Cat
And mad men with their own funny hats
She doesn’t know
On which way to go


She’s just an Alice in your Wonderland
So innocent, she’ll never understand


  1. merci pour le partage.

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