The Imprint of Colorblindness

The words and artworks below are from blogger Mark Ontoy. You can follow him at

At first, colorblindness was a struggle for me, especially because I was taking up Multimedia Arts. I almost gave up on doing any form of artwork – both digital and traditional.

I tried to infuse colors to my works before. Unfortunately, it didn’t look nice or it didn’t work. I then stopped doing any art-related work, specifically photo manipulation and illustrations. Because of colorblindness, I invested my time in photography and I involved myself with fashion.

I was in search of my style, and believe me, it was very difficult and frustrating. I felt like a hobo in the world of art. Just last year, 2014, during typhoon Glenda, I started doing illustrations again. I decided to make it black and white since I didn’t know how to discern colors. With that, I enjoyed doing those illustrations – black and white, surreal, with at least 1 unsure color; I thought that it would be my style. This time, I’m starting and trying to infuse colors to my works, doing it one step at a time. As much as possible, I don’t want to limit myself.

I learned that your weakness could be your strength if you will learn to accept it and deal with it. With this, being a colorblind person helped me discover my style in art. It feels great to prove yourself with things you thought you could not do. It’s like beating your own self to be a better version of you, to actually do more if you’ll move out of your comfort zone.

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