The Imprint of 2016 (So Far)

Written by Kevin Bautista, Art by Kamae Iniguez

Lean and dabb as the Running Man Challenge song plays. Congratulations, you’re halfway through the year.

So far, 2016 has been a year of battles. Team Batman versus Team Superman. Team Iron Man versus Team Cap. “I’m With Trump” versus “I’m With Her“. Pacquiao versus BradleyBeyonce versus Becky With The Good Hair.

There were also internal battles. Fighting tears of sadness after hearing “Hold the Door” on “Game of Thrones” – or tears of joy after pulling off the perfect water bottle flip. Figuring out how to feel about the new Instagram layout or how to find Mewtwo in “Pokemon Go”. Or just understanding what the heck Rihanna is saying in her “Work” song.

We had a surprising battle of choosing between the Golden State Warriors’ 73-win attempt and Kobe Bryant’s last game – which was on TV at the same time.

And one of the biggest shocks ever? It came in 6 letters: B, R, E, X, I, T.

Muhammad Ali, Prince, and the Orlando victims… A lot of people have ended the greatest battle called life, and our hearts go out to every single one of them.

No matter how hard your fight is, it will make sense in the end. You can ask Leonardo DiCaprio after finally winning an Oscar or LeBron James after finally winning with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Just keep fighting (or keep swimming if you ask Dory) until you find whatever you’re looking for. Then, like “Damn Daniel”, you’ll be back at it again.

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