As I watched God as He was writing, I saw how the story unfolded. I saw how the brightness of the yellow and the orange become of dark blue and gray.

I was going to ask God just why He was doing that, why all the glee had to end and turn into gloom.

But I didn’t.

I suddenly noticed the way as He would move from curves to tittles, from one color to another, from the current word to the next…

As if He knew what He was doing…

I do not know what lies ahead of me and where exactly I’ll be ending up soon. The future is such a frightening topic to dwell upon.

I also do not know why some things happen in our lives, why people need to sometimes suffer. I wonder if everything’s going to be alright.

You see, the thought of uncertainty… the thought of upcoming hardships…

It’s all pretty scary.

But, despite this fear, there is something inside of me giving me assurance. It tells me that in the end, everything’s going to be just fine. And, as I come to think of it, that inner voice is right, that I am not given something I cannot handle.

So, whatever’s in store for me in the future, I’m unafraid.

After all, my life was, is, and will always be…


Piece by Kevin Bautista, Art by Kamae Iniguez

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