15 Life Lessons from American Idol’s 15 Seasons

#1. Make a lasting first impression. (Get a hint from the original champ.)

#2. Take big risks that can just leave everyone, even the haters, speechless.

#3. Do YOU no matter what. Show your awesomeness – especially if you’re Harry Connick, Jr.

#4. Keep your pants up. You don’t want to look like a fool with your pants on the ground.

#5. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone has bad days, even Chris Daughtry.

#6. There are people who can sing the phonebook figuratively AND literally.

#7. You have to surround yourself with honest people. Listen to what the Simon Cowell’s in your life say and show them that you can make it.

AI_SimonSimon Cowell (City Imprint style)

#8. We all need positive people in our lives – the Jennifer Lopez’s and Paula Abdul’s to root us on and keep on going.

AI_JLoJennifer Lopez (City Imprint style)

#9. Persistence with your goals goes a long way. With hard work and the right opportunity, you can go from small town girl to one of country music’s superstars.

#10. Losing at one point doesn’t mean you won’t be victorious in the long run. One day, you just might have “Oscar-winning and Grammy-winning” in front of your name.

#11. Be a team player no matter who ends up as your groupmates.

#12. There’s no place like home… especially with the whole town cheering you on.

#13. Don’t forget to give back to the community.

#14. Stop being catty. Share a moment with your enemies.

#15. Have fun and fulfill those dreams. When you look back at your life (or your 15-season run), you’ll realize it will all be worth it.

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